Hello all. In for a quick update. Apparently, the code I gave you the other day for a discount on the urchin chandelier has expired (my apologies if you tried to use it), but the owner kindly sent me a new one that will work. So, between now and the end of March, you can use the code TRYTHEURCHIN20 to get 20 percent off Stimulight fixtures!
Here is one of their newer versions with even more spines. Love it.

Also, in other news, I stumbled across a charcoal gray sofa yesterday on Craigslist that will work perfectly for the new and improved playroom. It's less than an Ektorp from IKEA, and I don't have to mess with shipping costs, etc. It's a Florence Knoll reproduction and screams Mad Men to me . . . 
Excuse the Craigslist photo. We went to see it/sit on it today and will have it moved to our house hopefully within a week or so. I think the kids are going to have the coolest room in the house!