My house isn't quite this messy, but I'm definitely feeling the need to de-clutter and clean today. This office actually belongs to one of my favorite directors, Sofia Coppola. Maybe if I were more creative I could get away with having a room look like this?

Speaking of cleaning, here is the reason I must vacuum too often (but isn't she cute?!) . . .
and the two main reasons my counters are constantly in need of wiping down (of course, they're extremely cute, too) . . .

And lastly, my new favorite organic cleaner . . . J.R. Watkins' Natural Home Care All Purpose Cleaner in Aloe & Green Tea scent. It's a nice change from all my lavender cleaners. Got mine at Target, but you can check out other purchasing options here.

Happy Cleaning!

Photos courtesy of:, My Interior Life and J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care.