I don't know about you, but the weather is getting me down. First we had the arctic blast a couple of weeks ago, now there are tornadoes in the forecast. And the utter and complete devastation in Haiti is horrific and almost unimaginable.

At times like these, I could use some diversions. 

 Ornamental fruit tree blossoms from blogger Slim Paley's Southern 
California garden before the floods came.

 Recognize this? It's the kitchen of Nora Walker (Sally Field) from the show 
Brothers and Sisters (set in Cali and filmed there).

Namely pretty pictures. Delicate flowers, interesting art, beautiful interiors. Some of my favorites at the moment come from sunny California. Of course, California is flooding right now . . . another victim of Mother Nature. What the @!#!@$?!!

California interior designer Katie Leede's work. Just pretty. Ahh.

What are you dreaming of on such a winter's day?

Photos: Slim Paley, Subzero.com and digsbykatie.com