I know I am.
And by blue, I don't mean sad or depressed. Quite the contrary.
I am loving me some blue lately. Especially the deep saturated blues. Peacock blue. Prussian blue or (gasp) teal, even.

I'm not sure if I'm up for painting a whole room yet. Maybe just my closet.

Here's a swatch I painted. And yes, my college diploma is in my closet. Isn't yours?

For now, I've just been adding pops of this blue (and other shades too) throughout the house.

My foo dogs protect the mess on my desk while adding some much needed color to my bedroom. I know they may be so last season, but I still love them anyway. Just as I love the slightly, um, unusual paper weight (just to the left of the foo dog) my daughter made in art last year. I'm calling it folk art.

What color are you "feeling" right now?

Photos courtesy of House Beautiful (Miles Redd, Rob Southern, Jeffrey Bilhuber) and My Interior Life.