I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We returned from Memphis yesterday, promptly bought our Christmas tree and decorated it with abandon. My children are not the patient types.

Matt loves to play around with the time lapse function on his camera and this was the perfect opportunity. Here is our family decorating the family tree in 22 seconds.

The actual decoration time was more like an hour and a half. We put the Christmas mix on our iPod and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I still need to decorate the rest of the house and put the boxes back in the attic, but at least we've got the big thing done.
I don't know about you, but I do not have a "themed" Christmas tree. I take great joy in the eclectic variety of our ornaments. Of course, my favorites are the ones my kids make . . . the glitter stars with their preschool photos inside. Priceless.
Now, I've got to get on the Christmas shopping. I've done some but there is much more to be done. But first things first. I've got to get my hair cut and colored tomorrow because while I love the color gray I do not like it in my hair. 

Best wishes to everyone as you embark on your holiday preparations. May our days be merry and bright!