I don't know about you, but nothing excites me more than finding a great bargain. It's like a grown-up treasure hunt. Such was the case a few days ago when I hit a local Goodwill shop trying to kill some time before picking up my daughter. I spotted it almost immediately. There, in the corner of the store, on the very top shelf, it sat. A very large ceramic Asian-inspired lamp. While it looked a rather garish yellow under the fluorescent lights of the store, I knew it was a gem. As a moth to the flame, I went straight for it. I plucked it off the shelf and started searching for the price. $4.99! Sold! I cradled it like a baby next to me as my son looked at some rather unfortunate cast-off toys.
Just as I hoped when I got it home, it's more of an acid-green/chartreuse color than a true yellow. I love it. 
I think it looks great in my living room/family room. I'm a sucker for color, if you couldn't tell. Now, I just need to find the perfect shade (this is just the shade that was on the smaller lamp that used to occupy that spot; it's too small and not the right color, plus I need a taller harp). 

Here are some options from Shades of Light . . . 
Black Paper Drum Shade
White Cylinder Shade

Black Bell Shade with Gold Lining
Linen Drum Shade
Black Lizagator Paper Shade
Of course, the lamp shade will end up costing almost ten times the cost of the lamp, but oh well. So, what do you think? A black shade or white? Drum, cylinder or bell? Too many options. I need help!