Next Thursday I'll have the joy of sharing the Thanksgiving table with family I love and who love me back. The day after starts the holiday season. Crazy as it may be, the whole month is full of kind gestures and gifts - a constant reminder of being loved and cherished.

A recent email from Meg of Pigtown Design reminded me that this experience is not shared by everyone. Blogger and treasure finder extraordinaire in her free time, by day Meg is the Director of Development for Woodbourne, a private non-profit dedicated to the treatment and education of children who are in great need. While the staff at Woodbourne provide so many things for the children in their care, they do not have the budget to purchase any birthday or holiday presents. They depend on us for that.

Here's an excerpt from Meg's email:

"The boys really want hoodie jackets, especially in sizes XL and XXL – the bigger the better – and anything with a sports team logo, especially Ravens gear! The kids while away the hours between school and activities with hand-held electronic games. They spend time watching videos and DVDs, but they should be suitable for kids, like box sets of TV shows. Wrist-watches are a big thing with the kids here, since they can’t have cell phones to tell the time. Also, basketballs, footballs and Nerf-type balls are always popular.

Think back to your childhood and remember how you anticipated the holidays. Unfortunately, most of the children in our care have not had this experience. They come from families in desperate poverty and from abusive homes. Please open your heart and help Woodbourne make this a happy holiday for our children."

Donations can be sent to or dropped off at: 1301 Woodbourne Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21239

Cash donations can be made at the Woodbourne site HERE.

Please consider joining me in donating to Woodbourne and Giving Thanks a week early. I know that Meg, one of best value shoppers out there, will make the most out of any and all donations.