While perusing my mail the other day I came across a FLOR catalog. Surely, you're familiar with FLOR carpet tiles. Their tag line is "Inspired Modular Floorcovering."
I have to admit, I've never considered purchasing carpet tiles for my home. I've often thought they might work in a basement or playroom but that's about the extent of it. And while my view on carpet tiles may or may not have changed, I must tell you what most impressed me about the catalog was the rooms themselves. The interior design grabbed my attention. A lot of the rooms in the catalog were gorgeous . . .  I felt myself wanting to see more.
The spaces ranged from traditional to modern to transitional.  A variety of styles - something I always respond to. Love the cabinet in this entryway. And who doesn't need a little leopard stool?

When I ran across this photo with the Sophistikat tiles in a modified zigzag I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew I had seen this before. A quick internet search confirmed it . . .
This image was featured in Traditional Home (via DecorPad). Now, obviously there are some small differences - mainly the styling on the console and the arrangement of boxes underneath - but this is undoubtedly the same foyer. Of course, the rug is different.

That's when it occurred to me that maybe the styling in the catalog was so great because these are actual designer rooms that FLOR has modified with its own carpets. Duh. In fact, I even emailed the company to verify this fact but haven't received a response yet (as I just emailed them around lunchtime). I'll let you know if/when I do. I'm sure they have permission to do this, and I'm not trying to rat them out. Just thought it was interesting.

Here are some other rooms I was drawn to . . .
This photo also looks very familiar. Love the green bed, the lamps and the bookcases. Not as crazy about the carpet.

If you're a fan of suzani patterns, this one is for you.

I love the colors in this Mag-Neat-O design. It's no secret, I like zigzags.

Feathers! Not sure this is for me, but how cool is that?

Just a pretty room, and I like this simple pattern.

Of course, Martha Stewart has a line of FLOR tiles. Is there anything this woman has not put her name on? The following three designs are from her line. They may be my favorites.
This Lattice design reminds me of the design down the side of my blog modeled after Quadrille's Java Java fabric.
Photo via The Designer's Attic

Love this Faux Bois pattern.

And this Serengeti pattern would add pizazz to any room.

Now, a lot of these tiles are not cheap and there are definitely more cost-effective options out there, but I think they offer a unique flooring solution for some. The idea of being able to change out a damaged or stained square is somewhat appealing in my two-child, two-dog, one-cat home.

So, what do you think? Would you ever cover your floor with FLOR?

UPDATE: Julie Zanoni, the PR person from FLOR, responded to my email with the following information: "FLOR's photography is actually shot in real people's homes. Basically, the homes are found through agencies, so it is likely that homes have probably been used for multiple publications, etc." Very interesting, I think.
Source: FLOR