and need a vintage sofa/settee? I just happened to stumble across this one on eBay (totally by accident, I was searching for blue velvet fabric for a chair I have) and thought it needed a good home. It looks black in the photo but the description says navy blue - yum. I, of course, don't really need this nor do I live anywhere near Charlotte, NC (it's for local pick-up only), but I love the shape and the current price (it's only got one bid but four days to go). Someone please get this so I can live vicariously through you.
This is my first time using Skitch. Have you tried it?
Anyway, just wanted to share the sofa love. And speaking of sharing the love, Ashley from Meet Me in Philadelphia was kind enough to nominate me for a Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks so much, Ashley! I just ran across Ashley's blog recently, and I am loving her style . . . I think we are kindred spirits. You must visit her blog if you have not. Check out the adorable chair and curtains in her blog header . . . you just know it's going to be good.
Since I was fortunate enough to receive this award earlier in the week, I won't bore you with 7 more things about me. I'll just say thanks again, Ashley for thinking of me!

And as this is turning out to be a rather random post, I'll just share a couple of things I found while poking around on Friday once my daughter finally went back to school after almost a week off for the snow/ice. 

Of course, I hit the Habitat store and found this . . .
Asian-style coffee table. This would be great painted/lacquered any color - I would do white or black. I think it was about $60. 

Of course, there were two matching side tables too for $45 each.

It reminded me of a coffee table makeover I just saw on The Huntress Lives. Here's her coffee table that got a makeover. The before:
And, after:

And I found these . . .
a pair of temple jar lamps. While they've been hanging around the Habitat shop for a while (I can only imagine it's because of their less than flattering rust-brown color), they're a great shape and size. Plus, there are two of them . . . I love pairs of things. They've been marked down to about $12 each. Paint them the color of your choice and with the right shades, they'd be perfect on a console table or sideboard. 

Hope everyone is enjoying a happy weekend!