Mystery solved! Angela of Giannetti Home: Design Online commented to let me know the $4.59 yard fabric I previously posted about here is Donghia's Stella. From the website it seems that mine is Luminary Yellow #0375-03 and is a linen/cotton jacquard described as "woven like a fine Italian linen scarf, Stella diffuses and filters light with an impression of soothing earthy tones." I love closure and am so appreciative that Angela saw the post and shared this info with me.

If you weren't already aware of Giannetti Home: Design Online service, you can read more about their services here.

Next, thank you so much to Design Indulgence and Preppy Little Dress for giving me a Stylish Blogger Award. It requires you to share 7 things about yourself and award recently discovered bloggers. I'm going to deviate by including some bloggers I've known for a while - hope that will be ok.

Coming up with 7 things was hard so I'm going to share 7 very recent things.

1. Last week I fell off a curb and skinned my knee through my pants. Really, at age 46, falling so hard on the pavement you skin your knee and bleed all over?
2. For some reason, I've been buying necklaces w/lions on them. I'm a Leo but not sure what that's about...
3. Later today I'm visiting one of my favorite bloggers.
4. I'm sad we keep missing all the snow in DC.
5. I have taken up running and run/walk 2. 5 miles every other day.
6. This last week I'm up to the 6.0 speed on the treadmill.
7. My goal is to get to 6.5 by the end of February.

And here's a list of lovely, friendly & stylish bloggers:

Hope you have a great weekend!