A few months back I decided to make a change to my little powder bathroom. Ever since we moved in over four years ago, I've wanted to change the red walls to something different. I waffled back and forth over wallpaper options (an idea which I still love), but after seeing some inspiration pics I decided to go with paint - very dark paint.

Here are a couple of those inspirations . . . 
Both images from Lonny.

I decided against black but instead went with an ambiguous navy bluish-dark gray. Seriously, still don't know what color it is exactly. It's appropriately named "Mysterious" by Benjamin Moore.

Here's the before:
As you can see, I already have a swatch on the wall. Not the best before shot, but you get the idea.
So flattering. Here, my freakishly long arms came in handy.

And, after:
The pear painting is by Montgomery, AL artist Nan Cunningham. The one above the toilet is a cheapo thing I found at Southeastern Salvage. The rug is Nate Berkus from HSN.
My mom did the sketch years ago. I stole it from her home at some point.
Found this brass towel holder at a consignment store for $15. The towel is from Marshall's. I realize I'm mixing my cats - a lion holding a leopard towel - but oh well.  

I also replaced the light fixture, but it still needs some work so I'll share that at another time. I really like the way it turned out. I went with a semi-gloss finish and even painted the ceiling. Very enveloping. Sorry the photos are not great. It's hard to photograph a very dark, very small room.

So, what do you think, would you come over to the dark side?