Yesterday I downloaded a lot of photos off my phone from the past month. I tend to snap photos whenever I'm out and about and see something interesting. Just to prove that I don't buy everything I see (I show a lot of restraint, really), here are things that caught my eye that didn't go home with me.

These first two are from the Downtown Antique Mall, a bastion of coolness.
These Parzinger-style floor lamps were very cool. Someone else thought so too as they were marked "SOLD."

The wood sculpture initially caught my eye, but check out the unique table it's sitting on. It's the capital of a column! Loved the Greek key pattern, the aged patina, the marble top, and the fact it was on casters.
What's not to love about this tole wheat sheaf table? Reminds me of the one Julie at Monkey Grass Hill snagged for her home.
Julie's table. Check out her story here. She got quite the deal.

The tole table and the three items below are all from Gas Lamp Antiques. While I was there poking around, a very nice lady (Hi, Laurie) actually recognized me from my blog. I was beyond flattered. She was super nice, and it really made my day!
Loved the shape of this bed. Would be a great contrast against light walls.

Great conversation piece. 
Such a cute and delicate little chair. Love the fabric. Would look great in my daughter's room but it's not in the budget.

Cool X-base console tables. And for $169, I thought they were a bargain.
The console above and next several items are from Southeastern Salvage, a great place to find some bargains.
Nice round mirrors. I think they were about $80 each. 

Not sure I'm on the horn bandwagon, but if I were I'd be in luck.
Cowhides galore for cheap, about $130, I think. I still love these (as I blogged about here) but can't figure out where I would put one. May revisit this issue.

And petite little gourd lamps in bright colors. Almost got one for Meg's room. Might still. They were about $30.
Liked the colors in these bird prints. The greens and oranges were very vivid.
The following items are from a new consignment store I happened upon called Remix Furniture Consignment on 8th Avenue in Nashville just down from the Habitat for Humanity thrift store. I thought they had a great selection. Here are some of those finds . . .
Still looking for an Asian-style coffee table? This one was only $75.
More Brno chairs! They had 8 of these. Of course, they were $650 each. I really love the look of this flat arm version. Sigh.
Loved the shape of this vintage wingback. There were two of these for $70 each. Of course, they would require new upholstery.
The next two items are from a little consignment shop called Consign 2 Design.
Loved this green vase. There were two of them (oh joy). Thought they would look good on a mantel.
Great little pillow for $12. Looks similar to Scalamandre's Le Tigre.

Fun flamestitch or zigzag loveseat. I believe it's on sale now. Would be great in dark library. Hard to tell from the photo, but it's kind of rust and blue. This I found at Clearinghouse Consignment in Belle Meade.

The next five things I found at the Antique Shoppes at Belle Meade. Definitely not a thrifty place, but somewhere to buy investment pieces for sure.
I believe this beauty actually is Scalamandre's Le Tigre. Oh, how I wish I could afford this. Sigh.
Beautiful antique sunburst mirror. Also out of my price range. A girl can dream.
Love this pop of orange, nailhead goodness. And there's storage inside.
Sorry for the bad photo. It is just an iphone. More orange yumminess, this time in a faux bois needlepoint version.
I have always been a fan of the Louis Phillippe mirror. Gorgeous.
These last three finds are from the Flea Market this past weekend. Let me just say, it was FREEZING. And I came home empty-handed. Boo.
I SO should have bought these lamps. $60 for the pair, and she said she would have gone lower. Original linen scalloped shades.
Close-up of its Chinoiserie details. These are truly the ones that got away. I'm claiming it was so cold I couldn't think properly.
Cute, cheap chairs. $28 each. Couldn't justify another chair purchase.
Sleek and sexy.

And the one that didn't get away (okay, so I lied and bought one thing. I'm only human) . . .
This brass gurgle vase for $19. It's pretty big. Bought it yesterday from Clearinghouse Consignment. It was 50% off! I love it. Not sure my kids do (or my friend Becky), but oh well.
I know . . . I have a shopping addiction. This could work in your favor however. If you ever need help scouting unique finds for your own home or help picking out furniture, fabric or fixtures, I'm your girl. Just shoot me an email. I'd love to work with you!