Aren't we all dreaming of spring right now? One more dreary, rainy or snowy day, and I'm booking a trip to an exotic locale. I swear I'll do it . . . I'm on the edge. What soothes me during these times? Looking at spring clothes of course. Specifically, the new spring trends.

So, what should pop in my inbox today but an email from Shopbop, a site I love to peruse but rarely purchase from. I'm just not a huge online clothing shopper. The trend of the day? Flared pants.
I actually have a pair of pants very similar to these. Love this look. Sorry, I had to add captions.

Cute sailor pants and that chevron sweater is pretty cool.

However, the next pair is a bit much for me . . .
Could you honestly walk in these pants? It seems there about two extra yards of fabric that don't need to be there. They're pants not drapery.

And, of course, who should do the flared jean look better than tastemaker Olivia Palermo?
She doesn't need a caption. This girl would look great in a potato sack. Maybe that will be the next trend.

So, will you be wearing flared pants this spring?

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