First of all, I had a post about my need for X benches pretty much written in my mind and planned on putting it together this morning. Of course, I got distracted because my mother was still visiting and my kids are out of school for President's Day. So, I go about my day doing stuff around the house, hosting a play date, the usual. In between, I sneak a few blog reads when I see this . . .
My blog friend Bri over at Me, You and a Wiener found these X benches here in Nashville! I've been lusting after X benches for a while but actually started searching the internet in earnest for some over the weekend. So, where and when did she find these? On Craigslist. On Saturday. The same time and place I was looking, but she has got mad Craig skills. The benches are now hers. Finders keepers. I'm not bitter, just very jealous. She is aware of this.

I found these on eBay for $400 but someone purchased them for $600 at the "Buy It Now" price. Not that I wanted to pay that amount anyway. But these actually looked decent and I liked the coral velvet upholstery. Sigh.

Let's look at some fabulous examples of the elusive X bench I seek . . . 

Angie Hranwosky does not mess around. Love this little number.
 Elizabeth Bauer via So Haute Style

Meg Braff

Jonathan Adler, of course. And I know that I could buy a brand spanking new Jonathan Adler X benches for a mere $476 each (they're currently on sale!), but I'd rather not pay $1,000 for two.

Of course, there are always the ones at Ballard Designs.
But I would probably want to provide my own fabric which ups the price a bit up into the $250 - 300 (at least) each. Still a bit pricey.

So, where do I want to put these X benches? In my family room/living room/whatever you want to call it. Specifically, in that blank, empty, barren space between the coffee table and fireplace. I feel there's a void. My husband thinks it will be too cluttered. What? Too much furniture? Never. You can't really put anything big there and it is kind of a pass-through to get to the sliding glass doors (which will soon be replaced with French doors, both fingers crossed). And don't mind that random table to the right beside the sidelight window. I was moving furniture.
I know I need drapery, but I was waiting for new doors before I tackled the window treatment around them. Can't put the cart before the horse, right? Also, I realize there are people out there who hate TVs over fireplaces, but there seriously is not much of a choice with this layout. Once again, crazy builder.  Anyway, back to the space. Am I the only person who is bothered by the emptiness? By the lonely void in front of the fireplace?
See that brass coffee table? It's new. Craigslist. Who found it? Bri . . . I'm telling you, she's the queen of Craig. Stay tuned for a future possible collaboration between the two of us.
Forgive the lack of styling. I just got it on Friday.

Another option? Pushing the X benches under my sofa table/console. Of course, my table's a little small. Might need to find a different one. Maybe I should put Bri on the case.

So, what do you think? Could X benches solve my decorating dilemma? Or should I leave well enough alone?