I stumbled across some beautiful interiors today that I had to share.
This photo just screams Miles Redd to me. Love the dark, lacquered walls and those over-the-top console, mirror and sconces. Very dramatic.

That caramel leather tufted chaise is killing me. As are that lamp and that limestone horse head sculpture.
The pops of rust orange paired with the leopard ottoman are perfection, along with the subdued artwork.

Yummy lavender velvet sofa, Asian screen and stone capital coffee tables.

The upholstered walls, ceiling and bamboo chair are all good. Very bohemian chic.
Loving how those turquoise porcelain birds contrast with the saturated purple artwork.

Does anyone else spy the color of the year, honeysuckle pink? I'm liking the mix of hippie and traditional English country home.

More velvet sofa prettiness, a gallery wall and a hint of chevron on the chair (far left almost out of frame).

A little neoclassical goodness.

Another lovely Asian screen in addition to x-base cocktail tables and ikat-covered chairs.

So, where did I run across all these beautiful interiors? An estate sale.

Well, more specifically, a stack of Architectural Digests circa 1988 and 1984 that I purchased at an estate sale. Can you believe it? All these timeless interiors are from the mid to late 80's. I must say I was pretty amazed. Now, not every home featured would fit in the timeless category, but a surprising amount did. Just an example of how the cliche "good taste is always in style" rings true. Honestly, one of the major differences I found between these photos and modern day interior shots was the lighting. It was terrible. Hard to see a lot of things because they were so poorly lit.

I picked up five issues of AD for $.25 each and an old book for $1. In addition, I also ran across this while digging around in the basement of the house and just couldn't pass it up . . . 
The frame is plastic, but it was only $15. While it looks sort of peacock blue in the photo, it's actually a really bright royal blue so I will be painting it. I've been looking for a Chinoiserie-style mirror to go in my new dark powder room. If I go that route, I'll be painting it gold/brass. However, another option is putting it in my daughter's newly painted room. If that's the case, I'll probably paint it green or a turquoise blue. Any thoughts?
Here's my dog Coco checking herself out in the mirror. I had to pick it up quickly, or it would've been toast.

While at the estate sale, a very nice man suggested this would match my hair and look fabulous on me . . . 
Sorry for the photo quality. Another iPhone photo with glaring light coming in.
I tried it on, and while it actually looked pretty decent, my freakishly long arms made it look more like a 3/4-length sleeve. The nice man suggested long gloves. I'm still thinking it over. Not even sure what kind of fur it is, but it was very soft with silk lining that was monogrammed. It was $75. Not sure if that's a good deal or not. If it's still there in a day or two maybe I'll make an offer. What do you think? It would definitely keep me warm during the rest of this very cold winter. Of course, the groundhog's predicting an early spring. Sure hope that furry rodent is right.

Sources: Architectural Digest February 1984, May 1988, June 1988, August 1988