Bri and I met up at our antique booth this morning to add some things and rearrange. Here's what the booth looks like now . . .
I caught Bri's reflection in the mirror. She hates getting her photo taken so this is about all you'll ever see of her.
We haven't sold a lot yet, just a few things here and there. There are so many great finds, I keep thinking if stuff doesn't sell, I'll just take it home. But then, I watch hoarders and try to get a grip. That show scares me to my very core. So, if you're in the Nashville area, drop by our booth at the Downtown Antique Mall . . . and save me from being a hoarder. Thank you.

In other news, my son might have a future in art.
His pre-K just hosted an Eric Carle exhibit and each student had to replicate the cover of one of Carle's books. I think he did a mighty fine job. Of course, I'm biased. So, illustrator could be on the list of future occupations. Although, when asked about his career aspirations, his first answer is still "scanner at Target." You gotta aim high I always say!