Here's my new living room seagrass covering the fireplace hearth. How did this happen? Backstory: An email arrived from Sisal Rugs Direct offering a limited 2-day 15% offer. I opened this email late at night after drinking a glass of wine (well, really a bourbon & ginger ale, but wine sounds somewhat more refined) a few hours before the offer was to expire. I had been wanting a custom cut seagrass but in that impulsive moment I decided I could custom cut it myself once it came. So I ordered it 13' wide and about 21" ft long for $941, including shipping.
Before: Here's the living room just as we started moving furniture out. You can see my previous purchase, an 8' x 8' seagrass, which was too small and only served to chop up the space. No excuse, I wasn't drinking when I bought that one.
Because I was nervous about cutting it exactly right, we pulled up the wood trim around the hearth to give a little extra room in case I needed to recut. A more organized person would make a template...
Removed a section of the trim as the ORIGINAL ideas was to then reattach the trim around the cut section. Cutting the seagrass was actually not difficult. The plan was then to put glue on the raw edges to "seal" it and then attach the trim by glue over the cut section. This way it would fit around the hearth. (Forgot to take a picture of it all cut!)
However, an easier option emerged when my husband suggested just putting it underneath the trim. Realizing we could try that and if we didn't like it, go back to the original plan.
It's a bit of a hybrid between a custom cut bound seagrass and an installed version (under the hearth) but so far I really like it.