Don't you love how the post title rhymes? It sounds kind of like a fairytale. Well, it did have a happy ending. I met up with Bri at the Flea Market Friday morning, and she surprised me with this birthday gift . . .
Does this paper look familiar? See one of Bri's recent posts.
Even her wrapping paper and ribbon has great style. Like a kid I ripped it open to reveal this . . .
Yes, I got a Bri original. Can you believe it? It's so pretty! I might have hinted once or twice (or 25 times) that I love her art and would love to have a piece of my own. She picked up on my subtlety. I can't wait to find a frame and the perfect spot for it! Thanks so much, Bri!

We had been at the Flea Market for maybe fifteen minutes when we ran into Eddie Ross. I was a little starstruck. 
This is a photo of Eddie at the Charlotte Flea, not Nashville. We were too starstruck to ask for a photo.
If you've been living under a rock, Eddie is famous for many things - being the 1st runner-up on Bravo's Top Design (which is sadly no longer with us), being an editor for Martha Stewart Living and now he has a column running in Southern Living where he visits flea markets across the South looking for furniture and accessories to make over. So, this past weekend it was Nashville. And I spotted him while wading through some mud. He was very sweet and chatted with us for a minute about Bri's recent $2 rattan side table purchase. Very nice guy. Now on to the finds.

I only came home with one thing, but there were lots of goodies to be had . . . 
I actually saw this chair at an estate sale and passed on it because of the price. It's in great shape, just wasn't for me. 
This vintage sofa was a wonderful chartreuse green/yellow and in great condition. Alas, no room even in the booth.
Cool lidded pottery dish marked McCoy. I've never seen one quite like this. Maybe should have gotten this one.

This great spun fiberglass set. Pretty good price. Once again, wouldn't go with my house. Reminded me of this: 
from House Beautiful.
And this was a great, little delicate wingback chair for just $10. Alas, it was not be. I don't have the time or budget to re-do one more thing!

So, what did I make it home with? I know you'll be shocked, but it was another piece of Chinoiserie/Asian furniture. . .
I can't help myself. I think I might require a 12-step program. It's a vintage Lane cabinet with brass hardware. The only glitch? It reeks of smoke. Here it is sitting on my screened-in porch, airing out. I followed some tips online about how to get rid of the smell. Not sure it helped 100%, but maybe a little. It's currently sitting in my living/family room. Not sure if it will remain there or move to my bedroom, but I really like it, and for $30 I think it was a great day at the Flea!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sources: Eddie Ross, Bri, me and House Beautiful