but I found some more awesome lamps.
I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep them or sell them in the booth.  I've seriously been lusting after black lamps lately, so these might have to live in my house for a while so I can make an informed decision. Don't want to be too hasty.

After I looked at the lamps a little more closely, I noticed these stickers on the sockets. 
So, who is this Paul Hanson? Good question. I had no idea so I consulted my good friend Google. I got no real description, but found several examples of Paul Hanson lamps on both 1st Dibs and eBay. Apparently, he made a lot of lamps of varying styles starting in the 1940's. Here's an example of a pair on 1st Dibs . . . 
These are selling for $4,200? Hmm. Good to know.

In other news, I found this chevron/flamestitch fabric in the form of curtains at the Habitat store (Bri found this last week but there were still a couple of panels left). Thought I might be able to use it somewhere in the house. 
Or maybe not. My husband hates it. A lot. I think it reminds him of his grandmother's house. He pulled his veto card. Oh well. You've got to pick your battles, I guess. Bri, if you want some more of this fabric it's yours.
Today's the last full day of my son's Pre-K, so I'll be running around like a mad woman. Happy Wednesday to you.