If you've read my blog over the past year, you've probably seen this chair.
As per usual, I have waffled back and forth over which fabric I should use to recover it. I thought I had settled on one. I ordered the fabric, and it sat neatly folded in my bedroom for months. I just couldn't pull the trigger. Something was holding me back. Recently, I painted the chair's legs black and threw the fabric over it to get an idea of what it might look like.
Premier Fabric's Chipper in black and white.
I like it, I just don't love it. Something was bothering me. It was guilt. You see, I have feelings for another. I might actually like him more. Here he is. Don't judge. 
I know it may sound crazy, but I've been loving this Marimekko Joonas fabric for quite some time. It's been in my inspiration files on some very similar chairs, as a matter of fact.
Christina Murphy

Elle Decor
And then, more recently, I saw that the ever-stylish Christine at Bijou and Boheme recovered her bergere chairs in Joonas.
And just the other day, when I posted this photo of my foyer with the chair in the corner . . . 
I got a nice comment from Nelya at Head Over Heels informing me that she used Joonas on a sofa and loves it . . . 
That's her littlest boy a few years ago. Isn't he a cutie? Even kids look good on Joonas.
I must say I'm a little obsessed with Joonas now. Maybe it's my Finnish heritage (Marimekko is Finnish, and I'm a quarter Finnish -  my Finnish maiden name has double vowels and all!) or my more modern leanings these days, but I think the answer is clear. There are no shades of gray on this one. The answer is in black and white.

Are you as taken with Joonas as I am?