Okay, I swear this is the last post about hair where I use goofy titles with 'do in them. So, I got my hair cut yesterday and here's the result (to see a before, just look at my About Me page - it's fairly current) . . .
Excuse the one-eyed Veronica Lake look . . . I hate taking photos of myself and couldn't get a good shot of my whole head without doing the ole side-eye. 

I really like it. Now, I just need to become friends with these products to make it work on my own.
I'm notoriously bad at styling my own hair. I just lack that skill. I admit it. So wish me luck. 

Next up - preparing for this little lady's 11th birthday on Saturday. 
It kills me that she will be 11. She got her ears pierced on Monday. Another milestone that broke my heart a little a lot. I love you so much, my sweet girl!

I will return to design programming soon as requested (by Colette and other readers)!