I've found out some things recently. They may not be all that enlightening or earth-shattering, but they are what they are.

1. If you're wearing an air cast/boot thing on your foot in public, random strangers will talk to you.
Whether you want them to or not. Mostly, it's kind of nice. Or maybe this only happens in the South where people are chatty anyway? Regardless, I think people are generally curious (or nosy) about why you're wearing "that thing on your foot." Now I understand why Ted Bundy was so successful at luring women by wearing a fake cast. The corollary may be, for all you single girls out there, if you want to pick up a guy wear a cast and go grocery shopping. You can borrow mine (if you wear size 9/9.5) in a couple of weeks.

Oh, by the way, I can drive it's just a major pain because I have to do a Mr. Roger's changing shoes act in the car. So, I haven't gone that many places because I'm impatient.

2. I'm really liking things with arrows on them right now. I know this is a trend and will be over in about five minutes, but so what. I think it hit me when I saw this black and white arrowhead runner from Nate Berkus at Target the other day and thought a couple of these might look cool going up my stairs (the ones I recently fell down . . . see, it all comes back to my toe/foot right now).
 Here are some other arrow-related items I've pinned too . . . 

3. I love this cereal. Yum.

That's it for now. Hope your day was enlightened with my random thoughts.