Okay, so everyone knows Mondays suck. They just do. But to add insult to injury or should I say injury to insult, I fell down my last two steps this morning and either broke one of my big toes or tore a ligament or something extremely painful.

I need a sign like this apparently. I didn't want to show a photo of my toe because it's gross.

So, I hobbled around getting my kids ready for school, etc. Then I was told by my husband that I needed to run a check to the bank. Immediately.  So, I threw on some jeans, my puffy jacket and my leopard house slippers (because they were the only shoes that wouldn't kill my toe) and ran out the door. After depositing the check, I thought to myself, "You have no shoes besides flip-flops that won't kill your toe." Seriously, I only own boots and ballet flats, no UGGs. I have running shoes but didn't think I could get my big fat toe in. And I can't wear flip flops in 30 degree weather or my broken toe would fall off from frostbite. So, I had the bright idea to stop by Target on my way home thinking surely they have some clearance fake UGGs I could shove my foot in. But, first, let me back up and mention that I'm wearing my glasses, have a huge tumor-sized zit on my chin, no makeup and no bra. I have hit a new low. So, I limp/shuffle into Target wearing these house slippers:
 They could pass for real shoes, right? Right??

I was certain that everyone I knew would be there staring at my house slippers. But I think I escaped detection. However, Target had no fake UGGs except for kids. Damnit. Nothing looked remotely comfortable. So I hobble back to my car, defeated. Then, I realized Marshall's was open. There laid my salvation as they had a cushy, easy to slip-on pair of loafer/driving moccasin type shoes that didn't hurt my swollen toe. Sold. Thank you, Cynthia Rowley. I knew I liked you for a reason.

I'm not sure what I did to piss off the universe today, but I'm sorry . . . I really am. Or maybe clumsiness is the only explanation. Either way, I'm going to be super good from now on. Promise.

And just to reassure you perplexed people out there who were wondering if I really still write an interior design blog and not a complaining one, here is some design-related bit of what-not . . .
I found this great Chin Hua desk from Century at an estate sale this weekend. While I was unsure of where to put it at first, a happy accident (meaning we couldn't get it through certain doorways without dismantling it) had me placing it in the corner of our living room. My husband loved it here and immediately dragged a computer up from the basement to put on it. Because we can't have a room without several electronic devices in it. Excuse the cords. I'm hoping to put some baskets or something under there to camouflage some of that soon. 

I hope your Monday is going well and doesn't involve broken bones.