OK, it's Week 3 of the One Room Challenge - 20 bloggers, 6 weeks, 1 room, created by Linda of Calling It Home.  First off, here's an update of the floor situation in my library/dining room.  (Go here for the previous posts)

Finally - sunshine in the DC area! (just had to make note of that)  Above is the floor with 1 coat of BM Floor Paint over 1 coat of regular paint (both in Simply White).  The 1 coat of regular paint (below) was a major uh-ho moment!
I think there's alot of variation in the red oak in this room and the wood absorbed the paint in a blotchy way.  So after spending a day feeling bad, entertaining the idea of drinking bourbon mid-day,  and with the unshakeable feeling "I was in trouble",  I painted over it with 1 coat of BM Floor Paint.  The first picture doesn't look very white - but in real life it looks quite a bit different than it did with just the 1 coat of regular paint.   It's been very humid here so I'm waiting before I put on the second coat of BM Floor Paint.  So the floor saga continues, but I remain hopeful.

On to the Drapes:

I decided to make them myself.  I know, why am I attempting that?  Well, I didn't want to spend the money to have them made because I'm still worried that in a short while I'll grow tired of the floral.  Also, I need to have drapes for 2 more rooms and being able to do it myself would be both satisfying and money saving.  
Here I am laying out the fabric and accidentally realizing that those markings on the border help you match up the pattern.  I kinda happened upon this discovery in the nick of time! Scary, right.

I'm following instructions for DIY lined drapes from House of Hepworths here.  Her instructions are really easy to follow and make intuitive sense - probably why it's been pinned 340,000 times!

Here's the first panel with the 2 combined 54" widths.  The center seam needs to be ironed flat but I was pretty happy with how it lined up.  Let me tell you, a much better feeling than the uh-oh floor moment!

The only thing I'm planning to do differently than the House of Hepworths instructions is to hand sew euro pleats.  Here's an inspiration image from the portfolio of Garden House Studio.

Drawing from Drapery Design

Finally, while I was feeling depressed over the floors I also started pulling together some DIY intaglios for the library/dining room.

So, I estimate I'm about a week behind my original schedule.  Drapes should need to be done next week and so do the floors.  Hope you'll come back to see how I fare.

I'm off to check out the Week 3 progress for the other 19 bloggers in the One Room Challenge and don't forget  the ORC Linking Party on Calling it Home on Thursday.

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