The creation of a legendary interior space is truly a work of art but one you always dread will have an ending - someday when it is eventually dismantled and becomes the home of someone else.  Howard Slatkin's mother knew this well and encouraged her son to write a book to reveal and preserve all the gorgeous design of his legendary apartment.  So while most of us will never have the pleasure of experiencing this designer's home in person,  Fifth Avenue Style: A Designer's New York Apartmentopens the doors to share the sumptuous rooms and all the planning and workmanship behind them.

Fifth Avenue Style arrived as a treasure - wrapped in tissue and custom monogrammed paper and the most perfectly colored gray ribbon.  (the wrapping paper is the same as the undercover of the book jacket) Unwrapping something only heightens your expectations of what will be inside and I was more than thrilled as I turned each page.

Chapters are divided according to the rooms and in each one Slatkin shares all the details, from furniture plans, resolution of challenges to the selection of finishes and the craftsmanship required to bring it all to fruition.

While many of today's design books give you just landscape views of rooms,   also lavishly hones in on the details, and these are incredible details!  Note the monogrammed retractable brass rod and rosewood hanger.  Credit to the artists and experts in the trades is freely given throughout, including a special section in the book that honors them.

Here's just a few more of the images from Fifth Avenue Style: A Designer's New York Apartment.

All the photography in the book is by Tria Giovan and it makes you feel like you are walking through the space.

 Thank you to Meghan of Vendome Press for letting me review  Fifth Avenue Style: A Designer's New York Apartmenta book I'm very pleased to add to my collection.