While on a little thrifting excursion Monday morning, I happened upon this: 
My love of Chinoiserie is no secret, so my jaw about dropped to the floor when I saw it. I've been looking for a different table and chairs for my breakfast nook since we moved in four years ago. I've always thought an oval table would fit the space better than my dark, rectangular farm table with cabriole legs.
In our old house, we only had one dining area and this table and chairs fit the space and style perfectly. However, in our current house we have a dining room and a breakfast area. This table was too small for the dining room, so into the breakfast area it went.   I've always thought this space needed a different set-up - specifically, an oval table with chairs and a banquette or settee.

So, four years later, I'm excited to announce that I purchased the Chinoiserie-style faux bamboo dining table (with 2 leaves) and four chairs for what I consider to be an absolute steal. Now comes the fun part - figuring out what to do with the finishes and fabric.

It's been suggested I should leave the table as it is . . .
Please excuse my super messy garage.

And paint the chairs a fun color. But it has to be a color that fits in with the rest of my house because of my very open floor plan. Luckily, most of my furniture is fairly neutral. Yet another reason a pop of color might be in order. I'm leaning towards a rich saturated peacock blue shiny lacquer.

Something like the color of this Miles Redd living room maybe. Of course, it would be on the chairs not the wall so you'll have to use your imagination.

I don't think I could pull off anything too bright a la Jonathan Adler:

Of course, there's always white . . .

Although white would not look great against my creamy cabinets. I guess I could go with a creamy white, but that's pretty close to how they look now. So, I could just leave them the way they are if I decide on that route.

Then, of course, there's the all important fabric selection. Should I pick that first, then pick a paint color to complement it?

I've always loved Chiang Mai dragon by Schumacher in the aquamarine colorway. I know some people might think it's overexposed or trendy, but I don't care - it's still one of my favorites. 
Unfortunately, it's super expensive. However, I shouldn't need much since there are just four seats to cover. I'll have to check with my designer friend Kristen to see how the price breaks down and if they have a minimum yardage ordering requirement. 

If it turns out that Chiang Mai is out of my budget (which it might very well be), I've found some other cute fabric options. Please excuse the sheer multitude, I went a little overboard.

Okay, so that's about a dozen fabrics. I have an obvious love of fabrics too. So, what do you think? Any keepers in the bunch? Would you prefer cream-colored chairs with bright seats? Or brightly painted chairs with a more geometric pattern? Oh, too many choices. So, please give me your opinion. I really do want your help!

Oh, and don't worry about the table and chairs that I'm replacing. I'm planning on using them in my basement once we re-do that (about 5- 7 years from now, if we're lucky) or I might sell the chairs and keep the table. Haven't totally decided yet. I'm a little indecisive. Can you tell?