I just came back from a quick business trip to Boston (in Sunday, out Tuesday) and most of my free time was spent stalking the beautiful houses of Beacon Hill and Back Bay (like the one above.) I'll share more of those photos in my next post. For the first time, I stayed in Beacon Hill at the XV Beacon. Loved it.
My photos of the lobby were too dark but here are images from the hotel's site. At the front desk you're greeted by a bust of Benjamin Franklin with a quill pen suspended by string. The books on the shelves were covered in white paper for a uniform look.

In my room, the whole wall facing the bed was a smart series of built-ins that housed a gas fireplace, tv, sound system, wet bar, desk and closet. Half my time spent in the room was taking measurements to see if I could have a similiar set of built-ins created for our master bedroom. Really liking the idea of a fireplace too!
The books here were covered in white paper too.

The marble bath was smartly designed as well. I've never been a big fan for raised sinks but this one may have converted me.
The UK Lefroy Brooks fixtures are gorgeous.

Each landing has a bust of a famous Revolutionary War figure. More from Beacon Hill tomorrow.

(these are my personal opinions about XV Beacon and there is no form of compensation for them)