My children and I traveled to my hometown of Memphis over the past weekend to visit the family. It was a short trip, but full of good times and some misadventures. 
 No, we didn't party on Beale Street but I just grabbed a Memphis promo photo off the Internet.

On Saturday, we got my son's 5-year-old shots at my dad's pediatric office then proceeded to get lost on the way to my nephew's baseball game across town. How is this possible when my mother and I both grew up in Memphis and were both in the car? I have no idea. I blame the fact that I had never been in this particular part of town and on my mother's inattentiveness (sorry, mom).
My daughter happened to be snapping photos from the backseat during our seemingly endless wandering in a not so nice part of town. Fun.

After the game, my sister and I escaped to one of the Worlds Away outlets in Memphis to check out the merchandise (I neglected to take photos, sorry. These photos are actually from their website).
These pieces were in the store, but even at wholesale prices nothing was really within my price range. Sigh.

Later that day, we went to see Marmaduke (not exactly an Oscar-worthy film) with the kids because it was too hot do anything else - oppressive heat blows.

After the terrible movie, my sister and I rewarded ourselves with some shopping. This time - paydirt. I didn't buy anything but I did find some super cute and super cheap fabric at this great store called Premier Fabrics in Germantown just down the road from my sister's house.
Hello . . . fantastic prints at incredible prices -  $7.99 a yard for cotton and $8.99 a yard for linen fabrics. They also offer a very affordable line of furniture upholstered in the fabric of your choice. You can check out more of their fabric options online.
Here's the cute Parson's chair they offer for $215. Somehow, I neglected to photograph the chair I would like to purchase for the corner of my bedroom - a skirted winged-back chair variation. Now, I just need to pick a fabric. I'm leaning toward the bamboo lattice or possibly the zebra. I know I have zebra throw pillows on my sofa already but that's in a totally different room for heaven's sake.

Since that's all the shopping I got to do out in the real world, I decided to go shopping around my parents' house. Not as exciting, but there are always things to covet.
I used to think this gilded candle holder passed down from my grandmother was gaudy. Now, I'd like to steal it. No dice. Mom's not parting with it. 

A gigantic suzani from one of my dad's trips that hangs on a wall in their den behind an old desk. How cool is this? Once again, they're not letting go of this puppy. 

And more faux bamboo that you could shake a stick at. This chest of drawers was part of my bedroom set growing up and still sits in my old bedroom. Good ole Ethan Allen circa 1975 (or so). Of course, years ago, I didn't want it. Now, I want it back please. There are matching twin headboards stored somewhere too possibly under a bed. 

Lastly, I was able to barter a deal with my sister for this little beauty . . .
It was very inconspicuously hanging out on a corner bookshelf in her living room when I spied it. She bought it many moons ago at Pier One, but I think it's got a nice timeworn elegance.  She didn't really want it anymore so I traded her a necklace that didn't fit me well. Apparently, my neck is fatter than my sister's because it looks great on her. Win-win situation!

But the best part of the trip was getting to visit with family and friends. Most importantly, these little monkeys got to spend lots of quality cousin time together . . .
Meg is happy. She really is. She just hates getting her photo taken. Especially, now that her two front teeth are gone.

And, I got to visit one of my best friends from college and finally see (and love on) her new baby . . .
Josephine Claire aka "Josie"

and her beautiful red-headed big sister Abigail.
Aren't they precious? 

We had a great visit and hope you have some safe and happy journeys this summer!
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