Back in January I wrote about my dining room dilemma here and my eventual decision to relocate the dining room to my office and turn the room into a combination dining room/library. This space is 14 wide x 18 long and is located off the kitchen (two steps down) and has french doors off to the left that lead to a small, slate patio in the side yard. Well, it's still in progress but if I wait for it to be completed I may never end up blogging about it.
The walls are a color I really love; Benjamin Moore's North Creek Brown, a dark brown that is more bronze than red. The walls are quite dark but the room receives great light throughout the day and I like the warm, cozy feel at night.
I'd like to find a taller mirror that is curved in shape and more interesting than the current one. The sconces and metal console table used to be in the family room.
A beam runs across this end so that's why the ceiling drops down here. It makes the placement of a lantern or chandelier tricky and I'm leaning towards not putting one in. For larger gatherings the table can be extended and turned.

AFTER - the shelves with more books, less accessories and more liquor. The lower shelf serves as a bar area.

BEFORE - the camera collection has been relocated to the shelves in our rec room/walk-out basement. My kids' art and plaster hand prints have been moved to the family room.
The right hand corner of the room where the writing desk is located is in progress & a mess! (not that I needed to clarify that point - you see the picture) I still need to style these shelves for more of a library feel. The seascape print was moved here from the family room.

The brick was painted brown and the mantel you see off to the left is now centered on the wall. After I finish up this area I'll post about it.
CIRCA 2008 - Here's the room when it was painted periwinkle. I sold the blonde desk and replaced it with the writing desk.
Anyway, that's where it stands today... Any advice?