I'm starting to appreciate "tag" more as an adult (never my favorite game as a child). My friend Becky got an email invitation today to another fabulous "tag sale," so she of course forwarded it to me knowing I love a good bargain. This one looks promising (if you're in the Nashville area on Saturday) - she had me at Antique Indonesian Day Bed from ABC Carpet and Home.
Where: Tyler's House
1504 Cedar Lane
When:   June 26th 9am - 12pm

Maybe I'll see you there . . .

In other, totally unrelated news, we had a box turtle show up at our front door today (literally). My daughter, the fearless one, picked him up immediately causing him to retreat back within his shell - poor guy. But, he popped back out later to make his escape and I caught a photo of him:
Isn't his shell beautiful? I actually had the horrible thought that should he happen to meet his untimely demise I wouldn't mind having his shell to display. I know . . . I'm a horrible person. Please don't call PETA. Plus, I wouldn't harm him now that he's an official member of the family (albeit one who lives outside permanently). We named him Terrence. 

I think the heat drove him out of his usual stomping grounds. I know it's about to drive me crazy. Here's hoping cooler weather (or at least less humid weather) is on the way soon.