was this fabulous wool and silk rug . . .
It was hand woven by a Tibetan woman in Nepal. He even got to meet the woman who made it and took her photo (he hasn't forwarded me any of his photos yet, so I'll share those later). My only wish is that it was bigger because it's so pretty . . . such a unique pattern and vibrant mustard yellow.

He also brought home some cute little boxes that I'm now displaying with my new malachite box that he got me for Christmas. 
Oh, yes, I've got a real malachite box now and it makes me so happy every time I look at it. The beautiful vivid green is hard to capture, but trust me, it's a stunner. What a good husband I have!
And the Sister Parish book was also a Christmas gift. Love it. I'll have to share more about that in another post. I'm off to help my friend Arrione pick out paint colors. Have a happy Monday!