I recently found some Persian rugs on clearance at Homegoods for $25!
Yes, my hardwood floors are orange. Trust me, it's on the list.   
Of course, I had to get one, and actually bought one for my friend Becky too (she paid me back). It now sits in my entry replacing this one that I bought for $20 at an estate sale . . .
While I still love this rug, unfortunately, my puppy has had a couple of "accidents" on it, and it has a couple of large bleached out stains on it. Ugggh. I'm going to check into having it professionally cleaned (my amateur cleaning didn't do much good), but for now the new one is taking its place. 

Speaking of my puppies, when I left the room for a moment to get something, I came back to my seat on the sofa to start my blog post to find this . . . 
Seat stealers! And I think Zoe is trying to take over my blog as well. She's basically sitting on poor Piper. Aren't they the cutest?

And some of you (namely Nelya) have admonished me for teasing the painting of my basement room Hague Blue and not showing you at least a sneak peek. So, I ran downstairs and snapped a shot to give you an idea of what it looks like. So, without further ado, ta da . . .
I hung one of Matt's photos on the wall just to show you the contrast.
This is about all you're gonna get for now for several reasons. A. There's a bunch of furniture in the middle of the room. B. We need new carpet down there and C. It will be a while before the room comes together because we need to get a new sofa upstairs so we can move the old one (the one the dogs were lying on) downstairs. This will take time. But, I love the color. I may have mentioned this before, but this room has NO windows, no natural light, so rather than fight that, I decided to embrace it and paint the room a dark blue (Sherwin Williams color-matched Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue in semi gloss). It's very cozy and enveloping. I can't wait to share the final product, but it may be a little while so please bear with me. 

So is there anything new going on around your house?