Happy New Year (a bit belatedly), dear readers. I apologize for my somewhat unannounced blog break, but I'm back and ready for another year. I'm not a huge resolution-maker, but I do like to use the beginning of a new year to reflect on the past. Looking back over my posts from last year, I realized a lot happened . . . I opened (and later closed) an antique booth with another blog friend, painted some rooms, participated in a blogger tag sale, and diy'ed some furniture. I think having a blog has been a great way to keep me on task and finish some projects I might not have done otherwise (knowing people might be watching/reading is a great motivator) - so thank you for coming by and giving me your input. It really means a lot to me. Here are a couple of new additions to my house that I haven't shared yet . . .

Some black and white accessories (the throw and pillow) from IKEA purchased on my Atlanta trip. I think it pulls together the other black pieces in the room. And speaking of black and white, my friend Nikki in Memphis mentioned I never shared the after photo of this chair. 
The truth is I finally just got it reupholstered when I sent off my little benches. I absolutely LOVE the Joonas fabric and think this quirky chair adds a little something unexpected to my entry.

Stay tuned for more updates in the days and weeks to come (yes, I'm still planning on painting my mantel but thought I should wait till after the holidays). I'm also just finishing up the painting of my basement room. Two words: Hague Blue. Until I return, do yourself a favor and pick these magazines up if you don't already have them. 
They are both chocked full of some amazing eye candy. You won't be disappointed. Great inspirations for a new year. 

I'm very excited for the new opportunities and surprises that await me in the new year. Best wishes to you all for a very happy and healthy 2012!