Last night was one of those nights that makes all the years of blogging worthwhile.  I had a chance to meet Nina Campbell, one of the great designers of today. The backdrop is the ever-gorgeous Waterworks showroom in Georgetown.  Why this spot?  Well, as Nina pointed out me, it's an absolutely wonderful design that works -  functional and beautiful.  In our conversation she said your home should be designed for you.  "It should be delicious!"

Her latest book, Nina Campbell Interiors, profiles 8 projects from London to China - all quite different.  Gesturing to a corner of the showroom, she said the London project could fit there.  She believes homes should reflect who lives there and comfort is paramount.  When I asked her about what she loves she replied without hesitation, china, tumblers, glasses, and more china.  She jokingly said instead of AA she could use CA.  She stores it all in floor to ceiling cupboards and pointed out that they aren't very deep.  You don't want to have to reach too far back to retrieve a piece.  Shallow depth creates a beautiful display that's always practical.  Again, your home should work for you.    (Photography by Simon Brown)

At the Waterworks showroom there was a slide show - here are just a few images from the book that caught my eye.  Why bother with a hall table when you can have your own elephant!   I adore this.  Can't you imagine petting his head every time you walk by?

A cupboard with a very practical purpose.

Meeting Nina Campbell was  inspiring and she couldn't have been more lovely and gracious. And although this is entirely unrelated, I just have to mention that Nina wears the most incredible heart shaped glasses - truly unique and unforgettable.

A huge thank you to Barbara Sallick of Waterworks for the kind invitation to attend last night's event. It was a thrill to meet such a talented woman and entrepreneur.