Happy New Year! I know we're now several days into 2014, but my children finally went back to school today so I have some time to blog. Plus, I started the new year being ill so I'm just starting to feel a bit like myself. I've been reading all the resolutions/goals people are throwing out there, and it's very exciting and invigorating.
I don't really make resolutions, but I do like to take this time to stop, reevaluate and make some goals. I started this blog four years ago yesterday (happy blogiversary to me), and while I've never been a daily blogger I do feel like it's a big part of my life. It's opened so many doors and allowed me to make some amazing friends both locally and far away. I won't get all gushy, but I do plan to continue blogging this year and hope to share more projects with you as I do.
Sorry, my husband sent me this a while back so I couldn't resist throwing it in.
Thanks to everyone who keeps reading . . . it means a lot. Which leads me to my business, K Interiors. In 2013, I took on a few more design clients, revamped my logo/identity and finally established a business website. I would love to take on more clients in 2014 and grow my business further.

And on a more personal note, as always, I plan to spend lots of time with family and friends enjoying those around me. It makes me incredibly weepy when I think that my children will be turning 12 and 9 this year, so I want to soak up these fun ages while I can.

Now, off to get some stuff done. What are your hopes and goals for the new year?