Here's my second installment of designers whose work I'd love to more of.  Paul and Cris Briger first came on the design scene as makers of custom-designed furniture and then evolved into a full service design firm, Briger + Briger.  Lately I've been drawn to more classic and traditional interiors and admire  their flawless execution combined with unique elements and accents. The stone column of this fireplace was originally intended for outdoor adornment but then was cut down to dress up this interior chimneypiece.  The lamp of stacked books was made for the house as well.

Creative and beautiful.  I'm also noticing the tall, wide vase they used to display the hydrangeas.

Even though  I wished their work would find its way into more shelter magazines, they did have a fabulous book published by Rizzoli back in 2007 - Briger + Briger: Comfortable and Joyous Homes, City, Country and Lakeside, photography by Michel Zabe.  The upside to discovering a book years later is that there are well-priced used copies available.   I've recently added it to my collection and have thoroughly enjoyed it.


  Briger + Briger: Comfortable and Joyous Homes, City, Country and Lakeside