Who hasn't posed for a vacation snapshot on steps that made for a stunning backdrop?  This photo, by the writer Leonid Andreiev, was taken in 1914 on the steps of the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome.  Is it terrible of me that I just might cut this page from the book and frame it?  There's something about this little girl in green I adore.

Staircases: The Architecture of Ascentis full of images to adore:  a sort of mini virtual vacation to some of the world's most beautiful steps and staircases.

Pouring through the book you may find you've already had the pleasure of ascending some of these masterpieces.  And, while it is a book devoted to architecture, I have found myself using it as a travel guide, earmarking those places and steps I hope to take my own snapshots on someday.

Thank you to Meghan and Vendome Press for providing me with this beautiful book.

Staircases: The Architecture of Ascent by Oscar Tusquests Blanca. Martine Diot, Adelaide de Savray, Jerome Coignard, and Jean Dethier