Sorry, not trying to be a traitor to my state, but I found this today while scrolling through Nashville's Craigslist and had to share.

At first glance, it just looked like a generic leather sofa. No big deal. 
But then I took a closer look.
Oh yes, you saw that right. Those are Jack Daniel's Whiskey barrels that make up the back of the sofa. This is not an optical illusion. Or a joke.

I guess the title of the listing should have been a clue, "Jack Daniel's Living Room Set." And the best part? The set is just $3900! Really? Wow, what a bargain. Oh, wait, it's a set . . . I've forgotten to show the chairs. Oh yes, there are matching chairs in case you were worried what would go with your new Jack Daniel's sofa.
Yet another view.  Classy.

In other Nashville Craigslist news, some lucky so-and-so got this sofa for FREE! 
A 1970's Ethan Allen blue velvet sofa in pristine condition. Can you believe it? I saw it a few hours too late. Not that I needed this, but still. Free?! How can you pass that up? I hope it went to a good home.

I hope to report I'm the owner of some great CL finds in the near future. If the owners will ever email me back. Sometimes Craigslist gets on my nerves. There should be a code of ethics.