I returned late Saturday from my whirlwind trip to Atlanta. So much fun and shopping crammed into a day and a half. First, my friend Becky and I met up with Sissy from Blue Hydrangea on Friday morning at Scott's Antique Market. We shopped and talked and had a ball . . . like we had known each other for years. We ran into some other bloggers along the way, like Jenny from My Favorite and My Best . . .
Me, Jenny and Sissy. Don't we look angelic in the sunbeams?
Let me just say, that Sissy does not mess around. She is a woman on a mission and because of that determination found some great stuff. She has a great eye and went after the bargains with zest. I felt like I'd found a kindred spirit.
Sissy working the bargain table.
There were so many beautiful things, but I was so busy running my mouth that I forgot to snap photos of a lot of them. Here are the things I did manage to photograph . . .
Loved this mirrored Greek key coffee table. It was sold not long after we first saw it.

Cool mid-century lucite chairs.
Great rattan hanging egg chair. 
I know I have an obsession with faux bamboo Chinoiserie chairs but these were nickel. Awesomeness.
I so should have bought this pretty watercolor. Loved the colors and the brass frame.

And the find of the day! Sissy got four of these fiberglass chairs for a steal. I'm sure she'll blog about it. Just had to share how cool these are.  

In the afternoon, I met up with Angela from The Painted House at Scott's and shopped for a bit. She was so sweet and charming, just like she is on her blog. I also had the pleasure of meeting Sherry from Design Indulgence (who has been so kind and helpful during my blogging experience) and Emily from Emily A. Clark. Everyone was so nice and fun. Design bloggers are a great bunch to hang out with.

So, what did I buy at Scott's? A yard of this geometric maze/Greek key velvet fabric. I love it so.
Later that evening, we even got the opportunity to meet up for dinner at JCT Kitchen. Yum. Such a fun night!
Angela, Sherry, Sissy, my friend Becky and me at dinner. Sherry, sorry I got you blinking.  

The next morning, we hit IKEA.
Becky scored some loot. I just bought a couple of things. The main thing was this light fixture for Meg's room. It's too cute.
Unfortunately, the lucite chairs I wanted were out of stock. Boo. Maybe another time.
Then it was back to Nashville and reality. I hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did!

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