The beautiful patina of antique mirrors is highly sought after but often very difficult to find. Would you believe that the gorgeous mirror above isn't old but new?

I've been following Regina Garay of Fauxology for years and was excited to find out that her firm, Garay Artisans, is now bringing their expertise to the medium of mirror and glass. Mirror Patinas can create custom mirrors that can be shipped worldwide, in any color or design, in sizes up to 5' x 10'. Creating the patina on the back of the mirror, it can be installed and cleaned just like a regular mirror. Here's their work in the lobby of the Bohemian Hotel in Savannah.
Love the mirror behind the wood detailing on these cabinet doors.
Lightly distressed mirror panels with rosettes.
A number of different finishes are available. Viscaya is my favorite.
Splash patina
Just one example of the Ornamental patina
Monograms, quotes and names can also be incorporated (ZouZou Boutique). Go here to see all the finishes - the possibilities are amazing!