I've been looking for a little something to shake up my dining room for a while. With our open floorplan home, it's the first room you see as you enter and it's also visible from our family room/living room. The walls are a grayish-blue, and the chairs and rug are very neutral. Recently, I've also added rusty orange velvet curtains. However, I keep thinking it needs (or wants) something else. Well, the other day, I just happened to buy some lavender mums and stuck them in my fish vase, and voila . . . thunderbolt.
Mr. Fish eating lavender mums. Not the best photo of the walls and curtains.
That's it. Lavender with the blue and orange would be so lovely.

Then I went for some inspiration. First, Katie Ridder. I've always loved this room featured in Elle Decor.

And, of course, the Frank Babb Randolph-designed home in the April Veranda knocked my socks off. Wonder if I could steal that painting? The homeowner is the artist, he could make another one in no time.
Photo via Full House
Palmer Weiss has a similar color scheme going on but with a more vivid blue and less orange, but inspiring nonetheless.

Lulu de Kwiatkowski's kid's room has the same colors going on . . . pale blue and neutral with pops of orange and lavender in the art.

Then, for some reason, I kept finding things on eBay that had the same color palette.
Who doesn't love a little Oushak and in lavender, no less. Although, it looks kind of mauve here.
A Peter Max print. Very groovy.
Love vintage Vera scarves. She used such great colors and graphics.

Now, where was I hoping to inject this little bit of lavender (besides the mums), you ask? Well, there's always the option of lamps. A little 1st Dibs dreaming here . . .
1950's Murano Lamps
Or maybe these . . . they're a few thousand cheaper. No need to blow the budget, even if I'm dreaming.
More 1950's Murano Lamps
Another option would be on the seat cushions of my side chairs. They're the same neutral fabric as the host and hostess chairs, and I've often thought of changing them but could never decide on a fabric. 
I've thrown a million swatches on these chairs. This one has sat here for a while. 
Don't judge. I know everyone is "over" Chiang Mai Dragon, and that it was considered trendy for the longest time. Well, I still like it. I don't care if that makes me boring. And, it does look nice with the walls and the curtains, but alas it has no lavender. Does anyone know of a fabric that could pull it all together . . . a little blue, a little orange, a little lavender? This is a tall order, I know.

Oh, and I have some plans for the curtains too - they're a little plain Jane right now. I've been thinking a little Greek Key trim would dress them up nicely. Maybe in the pale blue?
Greek Key trim from M&J Trimming
So am I crazy for liking this color combination? It's okay, I may change my mind tomorrow . . .