As I mentioned in my last post, my husband Matt was out of town last week. What I may have neglected to tell you is that he was in China. I know - very far away.
You see, unlike a lot of men who love to golf, hunt or fish, my husband's hobby is photography. In the past, it has been underwater photography that has captured his imagination (the large animals like sharks and rays), so his trips were to scuba diving locales in the middle of nowhere.
Now, he's decided that while underwater photography is great, he can't really see the world that way. He's always wanted to go to China. So, he found a very inexpensive travel adventure company that coordinated trips to China (and all over the world), and off he went.
You may be wondering, "Why didn't you go, Kathy?" The simple answer is that we have two fairly young children who I couldn't be 14 hours away from for just over a week. One day, when they get a bit older, we hope to all go on some adventures together (instead of hitting the beach for every vacation . . . don't get me wrong, we love the beach though). 
So, for now, I will live vicariously through his photos. And you can too. I'll be quiet now so you can simply enjoy.

I think I may love the photos of the Chinese people the most. He said most of the men smoked. Like his Burberry hat.
This greeted Matt at his first hotel. Made me giggle.
This little girl may be my favorite.

Did he buy one of these awesome vintage trunks and fill it with stuff to ship home? Um, no. The man needs some serious shopping lessons.

Needless to say, he had a wonderful time and captured some beautiful images. This is seriously just the tip of the iceberg . . . I think he took over 3,000 photos. 
Mr. World Traveler himself.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of China. I'll share what he brought me soon. Also, thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes for our dog Coco. She seems to be almost 100% better now . . . of course, now that Matt's home she's fine. He said she just missed him and mourned his absence. I think you can imagine my response.