Should I buy this table?
I hit an estate sale earlier today and saw this. A little out of my price range, so I passed. But on the way out, the estate sale lady said, "Put a bid on it - you never know." So, I did. And they accepted. Now, it's mine if I want it.  Now, I'm having second thoughts. Bidders remorse. I don't think my "bid" is legally binding, so I'm pretty sure I can change my mind.

I was actually thinking of selling it in the booth. Would any of you buy this if you saw it? I love it and think it's very unique, but I am running out of room in my house. It's kind of Chinoiserie/Hollywood Regency. I mean, come on, a brass fish console table - you'll be the only person in the neighborhood with one of these. The only problem? The booth is kind of crowded right now. This is how it looked on Monday . . .

So, have I flipped my lid or should I get the fish table? I need your help. I'm having an indecisive moment (I seem to have a lot of those). Any advice would be much appreciated.

Happy Weekend!