Since Mother's Day is coming soon and you're often asking me what I'd like as a gift (besides your love, of course), I thought I would give you an idea. One word: pillows.
Specifically, these pillows from Etsy. A little La Fiorentina in coral would add some much needed punch to our family sofa. See, it would really benefit us all. I'm being the selfless mother once again.
The zebra pillows from West Elm are looking a little worse for wear these days.
And of course, once the sofa gets a facelift, I'd hate to ignore the slipper chairs. Never fear, I found a little pick-me-up for them (and me) as well . . .
This ikat chevron/flamestitch pillow would fit the bill nicely. I'm loving the corals and chartreuse yellowy-green. I think it would coordinate nicely with colors in our rug . . .
Excuse my unstyled coffee table.
Unfortunately, there's only one available and we have two chairs. Slight hiccup. Not to worry, I'll find an alternative. Plenty of time until Mother's Day. I'm off to shop now . . . 


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