Thank you all for your sage advice about this "fish table." I really do appreciate you weighing in. So, did I get it?
Well, sort of. I don't officially have it yet. Because of my son's birthday party on Saturday and family visiting, I couldn't make it back to the estate sale. However, the nice estate sale lady is giving me until Friday to pick it up. So, on Friday it will be mine, or some other lucky person's as it is going straight from its old home to its new home in the antique booth.

And by the way, I tried to find some examples of these tables on 1st Dibs by searching "fish table."I found nothing. But, my partner in crime Bri, of course, found some for me. She's a super sleuth/treasure hunter. It turns out these are dolphins not fish. Silly me.

Here are some examples from 1st Dibs . . .
This table is pretty darn similar to the one I found. Except there are two of these. They are selling for $5,800 for the pair!

Apparently, these dolphin tables are considered Italian "Grotto" furniture, consisting of fantasy pieces that showcase oceanic subjects. You learn something new everyday, I guess.

More examples . . . 
And I knew this type of table looked familiar, and then it hit me. One of my favorite rooms by Celerie Kemble has a pair of "dolphin" lamp tables that I have long coveted. Of course, they are a Chinese red-orange and not brass, but if you're so inclined you can always paint them (as Naomi from Design Manifest suggested).

So, if you're looking for some fantasy in your own life, stop by my booth and the Grotto dolphin table is yours. I'll give you a much better deal than 1st Dibs!

Sources: 1st Dibs, Kemble Interiors