A Royal Wedding Party! A Royal Wedding Party!

My lovely friend Anne, a lifelong follower of the royal family, hosted the most wonderful wedding party this morning. Gathering at 5 am, we ...

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10:02 AM

Found Found

If you've read my blog in the past few months, you know of my deep desire to find vintage upholstered X benches . Well, I didn't fin...

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8:42 PM

I Spy I Spy

I was at Pottery Barn and saw something that reminded me of this framed map. They've come out with candles which are an exact match. My...

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3:43 AM

To My Dear Family, To My Dear Family,

Since Mother's Day is coming soon and you're often asking me what I'd like as a gift (besides your love, of course), I thought I...

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6:03 PM

17th Century Kitchen Sink 17th Century Kitchen Sink

A 2007 addition to this historic circa 1810 Charleston home includes a 17th century marble sink. Love the width and the amazing wall mounte...

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4:38 AM

Looking for an Outlet? Looking for an Outlet?

While some people might look for creative outlets, I prefer the retail variety. I see the word "outlet," and I automatically think...

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8:26 PM

Outside at the DC Design House Outside at the DC Design House

The DC Design House is open through May 8th and in addition to beautiful interiors, the landscaping and exteriors are also a source of insp...

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7:02 AM

Who Knew? Who Knew?

Thank you all for your sage advice about this "fish table." I really do appreciate you weighing in. So, did I get it? Well, sort ...

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9:34 AM

In Lieu of Southern Accents: This Charleston Home In Lieu of Southern Accents: This Charleston Home

I should have titled this post In Lieu of Taxes...as instead of completing my tax return I've been searching Charleston homes. However,...

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6:45 AM